Alt-Magic Campaign: The Mermaid’s Arms

Alt-Magic Campaign
Episode XIX: The Mermaid’s Arms


Abraxas Silvermane (Connor), *Akkamas Mohaïva (Mike), *Braxton Chabbone (Steve), Jone Constance (Aaron), Kelwyn (Rodney), Tim (Shaun), Toman (Mason), Velius (Paul), and **Ziyal (Joy)

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The Hellblazers debate their next move, torn between investigating Ocasta‘s ship, The Resurrectionist, or ferreting out Renaer Neverember, whom they had left behind in the Yawning Portal.

The party turns to Wilbough Waggons, once again relying on his good graces (and advantageous magical items), requesting he use the Waterdeep Marauders Map to locate Renaer. They are surprised to learn Neverember is in The Mermaid’s Arms, a tavern in the Dock Ward that is situated on the very berth that The Resurrectionist is tethered to.

Hiring a carriage, the Hellblazers travel an hour through the winding streets of Waterdeep until they reach their destination.


They find The Mermaid’s Arms to be a rather upscale tavern, especially considering its locale. Adorned with rich sea-blue draperies and skillfully crafted furnishings that give an air of sophistication, the Arms is large, well-lit, and bustling with activity.


They soaked in the atmosphere and took an empty table deep into the throng, while Kelwyn ordered a round of drinks at the bar. The party soon discovered that one of the patrons this night was Elspeth, Jace ibn Alhazared‘s chief lieutenant in The Green Flame.

Sitting with a black-robed individual, when Elspeth took notice of the Hellblazers she quickly left the table and made for the private rooms.

Jone followed but she disappeared into one of the cells and he returned to the common room.

Meanwhile, Abraxas confronted Elspeth‘s dinner companion and lured him to the party’s table. They learned that he was an occult detective and, after the wizard turned over a valuable spellbook to him in exchange for information, he revealed that it was Elspeth who had taken the artifact from the goblin who had stolen it from them, delivering an empty cask to Alhazared.

The detective said he had more, valuable information and attempted to broker a deal. Braxton, thinking they had already paid enough, tried to pressure him into revealing whatever information the man held regarding the Hand.

Upon hearing that, having been unaware of the cask’s contents, the occult detective became terrified and fled the table, warning the patrons of the Arms that they were all doomed.

Akkamas followed, insuring the detective left the scene, then returned to the party.

Making conversation with their waitress, they learned that Renaer was in the bar, sitting with a Crescentian who turned out to be Jace himself. The party sent an expensive bottle of wine to Neverember‘s table, but something was seemingly up between the barkeep and the nobleman. A note was exchanged, then Renaer fled the bar, racing for The Resurrectionist.

Jace had been drugged, and was suffering from some sort of mind wipe. The party followed Neverember onboard Ocasta‘s ship where the nobleman was revealed to have been working to obtain a means to circumvent the mind-altering capabilities of the Stone of Golorr, an magical artifact that held the location of the 500,000 gold dragons that Renaer‘s father had embezzled from Waterdeep‘s coffers when he served as the Unmasked Lord.

Renaer offered Ziyal, whom he had taken captive, in exchange for his safe passage. The Hellblazers launched an attack against him, but the noble was safe behind an anti-magic shell. Jone cut Ziyal free as a fight ensued and things looked grim for the party until Abraxas dispelled Neverember‘s magical protection, allowing the Hellblazers to finish him off. While initially planning to take Renaer alive, a devastating lightning bolt emboldened them to kill their adversary.

They placed his body in a trunk and secured a carriage, delivering his corpse to their vault beneath Trollskull Manor.



( * ) Played via Skype
( ** ) Absent/Ran by DM
( *** ) Online Play via IM or Email
( + ) Had to leave early
( – ) Arrived late

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