Alt-Magic Campaign: Cloak & Dagger(vale)

Alt-Magic Campaign
Episode XVIII: Cloak & Dagger(vale)


Abraxas Silvermane (Connor), ***Jone Constance (Aaron),  & ***Kelwyn (Rodney)

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Following up on his misadventure with Toman in the sewers, Jone backtracked their journey above ground, attempting to find the location of the skull adorned ladder entry that had been troubling. The trail lead him to a familiar place — Old Xoblob’s Shoppe in the Dock Ward.

baphometInside, Jone brokered a deal for a strange magical bottle and the curious trinket that Braxton and Kelwyn had stumbled upon on their trip. Jone had wanted to get a peek in back of the shop, but that avenue was blocked. He did, however, catch a glimpse of something unnatural — a goat-headed figure.

Jone returned to Trollskull and described what he had seen to Abraxas who took an interest. The pair decided to return to the Thirsty Throat and to travel the back way into Xoblob’s. That, however, went south rather quickly. It seems Xananthar’s Guild had set up safeguards against them reentering the sewers via the lavatory access beneath the seedy tavern, and someone above locked the two Hellblazers inside. Abraxas gained their release by way of the Amulet of the Planes, returning to Trollskull.


Afterward, Abraxas decided to travel back to Daggervale to take care of some business, hoping to use Mervin to bring pressure down on House Devonstead. First, however, he stopped off in Ocasta’s Lair, discovering Velius had made contact with gnomes who were living in a secret “third” level of the Lair. These gnomes, it turned out, were instrumental in the construction of the Transmuter and we now helping Velius with its operation, as well as undertaking various other mechanical experiments.

In Daggervale, in the guise of “Avis the Thief”, Abraxas allowed himself to be apprehended and imprisoned for breaking curfew. He was led through the streets toward the Daggervale Courthouse, where he saw Mervin the Moneylender hanging from a gallows.


Once inside, he discovered the village was under martial law and controlled by Devonstead and their hired mercenary army.

Abraxas found himself in a cell with Halbert Chabbone, father of Braxton, his man-servant Pennyworth, and two other employees. The group escaped, thanks to Abraxas’ quick thinking, and returned to Waterdeep where Halbert charged Pennyworth to serve the Hellblazers and offering them the use of Chabbone funds to furnish their manor.


While Abraxas was away, Jone had his newly acquired bottle identified, revealing it to be an extradmensional space with interesting properties. He then convinced Kelwyn to allow him to open the magical bottle the druid had been carrying around for months. Taking it into the corral outside, Jone opened the container and breathed in a purple smoke.

TarrasqueJone saw a tarrasque appear in the courtyard, immediately laying waste to the alley and manor house, killing several of the Hellblazers and various citizens in the process.

It all, however, turned out to be some form of nightmarish illusion, as Kelwyn roused the arcane trickster from his stupor.

After Abraxas’ return, the Hellblazers met and discussed their next plan of action while giving Pennyworth instructions on how to proceed with the decor of Trollskull Manor.



( * ) Played via Skype
( ** ) Absent/Ran by DM
( *** ) Online Play via IM or Email
( + ) Had to leave early
( – ) Arrived late

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