Alt-Magic Lore: Ocasta the Damned

Detailing the Eldritch
by Abraxas Silvermane
High Mage of the Hellblazers

page-breakThe Mother of Inventions was one of most powerful mortals on Enochia. Her works have inspired and destroyed, killed and created, liberated and enslaved. How did this great genius fall? It is my hope to answer this question here, with my own knowledge, and my own quill. Shall we begin?

Destined for Greatness

Ocasta’s birth is one shrouded in mystery, and her direct parentage is unknown to the common world. In spite of these facts, there are old legends of a Crescentian wizardess by the name of J’Ocasta the Unwise, Court Astrologer to the Great Sorcerer King Osirion of Amonthoth. J’Ocasta was a famous tempter of fate, and fate always had the upper hand. But her legacy lives on in her greatest creation, the Dragonsbane Orb, crafted by J’Ocasta in the Pyramids of the Triple Moon in ancient times now gone. It was J’Ocasta the Unwise who began the legacy of Invention, for she was the grandmother of Ocasta.

triple moon

Creator of Monsters

vecna hand eyeIt was said that when Ocasta wandered the world, she eventually came into contact with a young boy. The boy grieved the loss of his mother, who had been burnt at the stake right in front of his eyes. Ocasta took pity on this poor boy and decided to teach him The Art of Magic. The boy, named Vecna, learned much from Ocasta, becoming the greatest master of the Dark Arts the world has ever known. But Ocasta came to fear what she had made; this Arch-Lich, who sought to conquer the universe, did so because of her, because of what she taught him. She tried to destroy the monster, using all her power to strike out at Vecna with the light of the gods. She failed, and Vecna continued to commit slaughter after slaughter, growing more powerful with each act of evil, whilst the power of his mentor waned…


Lady of Dragons

Ocasta became a recluse after her failure, even long after the fall of Vecna’s empire. Hidden from the world, Ocasta threw herself into The Art. In this seclusion she learned much, using her spare time as an immortal in order to create many powerful artifacts, among them was the Horn of Dragon Summoning. The Horn granted Ocasta the ability to call upon dragons, allowing her to learn their secrets. Years later, Ocasta came to the aid of the newly formed Blood Brotherhood in The War of the Dragon Cult. It was Ocasta who granted Sir Torin the Dragonlance, Ocasta who taught Redmon how to use the ancient Horn, and Ocasta who sowed the seeds of Tiamat’s fall. The War ended with the Horn of Dragon Summoning being blown, bringing all the dragons of Enochia to Castle Black, where the Dragonsbane Orb was activated, destroying them all for a time.


Bride of Evil

heronAfter the war Ocasta traveled to the newly formed Empire of Stahlkrahe. There, she became the wife of Emperor Heron Durathor, who she subtly manipulated. When her son, Hellbat was born, she took the child away and ensured he grew into a strong, capable warrior. Hellbat eventually slew his father at Ocasta’s behest, toppling the Imperial might of Stahlkrahe. Ocasta faded into obscurity after that moment. When she returned it was as the bride of a new warlord, Sephus Brananburh, vessel of Choronzon, Demon Prince of Undeath. Ocasta led Choronzon’s army until she was captured by Ser Kwyx of Caliburn, who imprisoned her on his airship, The Rogue. She was later freed by Morgause and Mordred, usurpers of the king’s throne. Yet again, Ocasta vanished, never to be seen again…

Ocasta the Damned

ocasta…Until now. Now Ocasta returns, her motives unknown to all but herself. She is here in Waterdeep right now, planning what is perhaps her final quest for power. Ocasta, as you may have guessed, is mad. She went mad long ago, when she failed to slay the boy she’d raised from orphan to the Whispered One. But the severed hand of Vecna is in her possession now, and I fear she has dark intentions, that will shake Albatheos, and perhaps, Enochia itself, to its very core…

—Abraxas Silvermane

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