Alt-Magic Campaign: Ill Met in Waterdeep

Alt-Magic Campaign
Episode XV: Ill Met in Waterdeep


Abraxas Silvermane (Connor), *Akkamas Mohaïva (Mike), *Braxton Chabbone (Steve), Jone Constance (Aaron), Kelwyn (Rodney), Tim (Shaun), Toman (Mason), ***Velius (Paul), and ***Ziyal (Joy)

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When last we met, the Hellblazers were infiltrating a warehouse in search of Hallbrent Farr at the behest of Jace ibn Alhazared. The party had become friendly with Farr during their week stay at the Yawning Portal and were more than happy to see him safely back into Alhazared’s employ. While the majority of the party had secured entry into the warehouse, at another door, Jone Constance inadvertently tripped an alarm, sending a cadre of Zhentarim agents racing down the stairs.

Jone tried to stealthily hide behind some crates, while the rest of the Hellblazers set up defensive positions in the side chamber. To their surprise, they found Toman to be in the Zhents’ company.

Braxton called out to him and Toman explained that Yagra Stonefist, a Zhent Agent and frequent patron at the Yawning Portal, had asked him to join her friends to look into a ruckus that had occurred at the warehouse. Having just arrived, they discovered two men dead and two more wounded. Then the alarm sounded.


Toman’s friends are suspicious of the Hellblazers, but Braxton agrees to tend to the wounds of their friends upstairs. Tim turns invisible and follows while Littlecrow takes a high perch to oversee the situation on Abraxas’ behalf.

The party notices Wilbough slinking along the far wall. Kelwyn casts a spell to distract the guard who was left to keep an eye on them downstairs, but then Jone gets antsy and, using Kelwyn’s distraction to aid him, sneaks up behind the Zhent agents and slits his throat, dragging the body quietly under the stairs.


Meanwhile, Braxton uses deception to cast a locate object instead of a healing spell and determines that Hallbrent’s hat is somewhere below. He then begins to ask uncomfortable questions that heightens the Zhents’ suspicions. A fight breaks out ending with all of the Zhentarim Agents being killed.


Outside, Abraxas was watching the courtyard when several Zhentarim approached. He successfully charmed half their number and convinced them that he had everything under control. They left without incident.

Wilbough and Jone,overhearing something in a storage room under the stairs, discover Renaer Neverember in hiding. He is wearing Hallbrent’s hat. From him they learn that he and Hallbrent were kidnapped by the Zhentarim. While Renaer was the target, Hallbrent was mistaken for Neverember because Renaer was wearing Farr’s distinctive headpiece. Shortly after arriving, Xanathar agents attacked the warehouse and stole Hallbrent away. Renaer used the distraction to hide.


Tim kept a close eye on their prize while the rest of the party searched the warehouse for clues. Akkamas discovered cooked books in an office upstairs, then, searching the upper storage wall, uncovered something far more sinister — a Xanathar Assassin. Akkamas, Braxton, Kelwyn, and Abraxas made short work of the goblin.

The goblin had a strange tattoo that matched writing on a crude map Tim had found on one of the Zhents earlier.

Manshoon Sigil

Braxton suggested Wilbough use the Waterdeep Marauder’s Map and see if he could find Hallbrent with it. The map revealed to them a manhole cover in a dark alley outside of a shop that bore a sign that matched the map Tim had found and the tattoo on the goblin’s hand.


Meanwhile, Toman had strong-armed his way into a chamber of horrors, finding a room with meat hooks hanging from the ceiling, all displaying severed hands in various states of decay. Searching the storage areas, he and Jone found a secret exit to the street below and a locked chest. Jone failed to pick the lock, so Toman sheered it with his axe. Inside was a tendriled mouther. The arcane trixter and barbarian slayed the beast, then examined the lone remaining door in the warehouse revealing a balcony overlooking the back alley.


The Hellblazers, with Renaer Neverember in tow, then returned to the Yawning Portal for a long rest and to report their findings to Alhazared.

With the location of Hallbrent Farr secured, the party now prepared for an assault against the Xanathar Guild. How will they fair? We play next on Friday night, October 12th. Hm, that’s Aleister Crowley’s Birthday. What could possibly go wrong? Tune in next week to find out.

Hopefully Ziyal will make her triumphant return.


*Played via Skype
**Absent/Ran by DM
*** Absent
+Had to leave early

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