Alt-Magic Campaign: Undeath Wish

Alt-Magic Campaign
Episode XIII:


Abraxas Silvermane (Connor), *Akkamas Mohaïva (Mike), *Braxton Chabbone (Steve), Jone Constance (Aaron), Kelwyn (Rodney), Tim (Shaun), Toman (Mason), **Velius (Paul), and **Ziyal (Joy)


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“You do know we’re only 3rd level, right?”
— Shaun

The night began with our heroes in a tricky situation, confronting five, seemingly formidable, protectors of The Conveyance, a magical key, two stories tall, that unlocks gates to other dimensions, other worlds. After an uncharacteristic exchange between Braxton and the guardian known as Althea, Jone stepped forward once more to ease tensions, flirtatiously engaging the woman.

altheaHe leaned in for a kiss. The two embraced. The arcane trickster found the osculation to be passionate, but her body was cold to the touch and he felt the prick of fangs on his lips.

Althea was some form of vampire…

She slid her mouth from his, lowering to his throat, but she fought back the urge, collecting herself. Her eyes connected with his. She was obviously enchanted by the rogue.

Things quickly went south, however.

Akkamas, reacting to the realization that all of the protectors of The Conveyance were Undead, attempted to turn Logros and Thorgrym, sending the elf fleeing. This set off a chain of events with some near disastrous turns.

Braxton followed suit, using Turn Undead against Althea and her father, Anzin. The daughter took flight, but Anzin was quick to retaliate. The vampire thrall dropped Jone and gravely wounded both Braxton and Kelwyn.

Thorgrym tore into Tim and Akkamas, while Oberon Grey, the Watcher of the Conveyance, used his necrotic powers to bring Althea and Logros back into the fight.

Oberon GreyAbraxas and Toman threatened The Conveyance, trying to gain the upper hand, but Oberon killed the barbarian, while Althea used Sleep effectively against the wizard, Braxton, and Jone, who had just been revived by the paladin.

Tim and Akkamas held their own against the undead dwarf. The warlock eventually turned the fiend, then successfully cast Fear on both Althea and Anzin sending all three thralls into flight away from the battle.

Kelwyn and Wilbough woke the sleeping Braxton and Jone, while Littlecrow revived Abraxas.

Oberon put up a protective shield, a powerful Wall of Force beyond anything these spellcasters had ever seen, while Abraxas called for everyone to gather together to be planeshifted away.

The Watcher then did something unexpected — he raised Toman from the dead, resurrecting him. Kelwyn reached out telepathically and was assured the barbarian was himself.

With the Wall of Force down, Tim unleashed an arrow, critically striking Oberon, then Toman grabbed the vampire mage and hurled him into The Conveyance where he was beheaded and dismembered.

Oberon‘s thralls collapsed, returning to their dead state, once their master was slain.

The party collected spoils from their hard earned victory and took a long and much needed rest. Upon awakening, they decided to explore the chamber, but soon were confronted by Tal’ia Grey, sister of Oberon and the daughter of Mologuin Grey and Ocasta.

tal ia

She explained she was bound to this place, as her brother was, but that she still tried to maintain contact and influence in the outside world. She forgave the Hellblazers for their “transgressions” and offered them a job — deliver magically-enhanced adventuring gear to Durnan, proprietor of Waterdeep’s Yawning Portal, in exchange for a week’s stay at the infamous Inn and $200 gold pieces each.

durnanThey readily agreed.

The party collected Ziyal from upstairs, but Velius opted to stay behind to continue his study of The Transmuter. Then, Tal’ia bid the Hellblazers farewell and, using The Conveyance, teleported them to their awaiting room in the Yawning Portal.

And so another session came to a close. This adventure played out far differently than intended. The Protectors of the Conveyance were meant to be allies, but that was seemingly not in the cards from the start. Few picked up on the cues that they could be reasoned and bartered with and that was, ultimately, my shortcoming from a narrative standpoint.

In the end, the party got back on track and the Waterdeep part of the adventure was duly established. It will be interesting to see how next week’s game plays out.

I generally despise “modules”, preferring to craft my own stories, but I look forward to sitting down with Dragon Heist and giving it a read. I expect I will liberally alter what’s presented to better reflect my sensibilities. My interest is in the City rules and NPC blocks, but I imagine a good part of the story will find its way into ours.

I’m thrilled to see where the Hellblazers go from here...


*Played via Skype
**Absent/Ran by DM
+Had to leave early

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