Alt-Magic Campaign: Shades of Grey

Alt-Magic Campaign
Episode XII:


Abraxas Silvermane (Connor), *Akkamas Mohaïva (Mike), *Braxton Chabbone (Steve), Jone Constance (Aaron), Kelwyn (Rodney), **Tim (Shaun), Toman (Mason), **Velius (Paul), and **Ziyal (Joy)


hellblazers logo

The Hellblazers uncovered some intriguing clues in the room beyond where Ziyal was entranced by her gods. Two backpacks, saddlebags, and a magic bow and quiver were lying near three ransacked bookshelves. Further in, a table sat with books laid out, another table with four goblets sat enticingly. Two orbs, green and purple, stood at the far reaches of the room to the east and west.

The packs revealed standard adventuring gear along with an elven dagger, stale rations, two wine skins, and a skin of dwarven ale.

A few curious spell books were discovered as well as the Grimoire of Anzin, in which a note was inscribed:

Thorgrym is dead.
Althea is missing.
Logros is near mad.
What next in this hellhouse?
Gods be merciful.
— A

Searching the goblets, it was discovered that one had held dwarven ale, while the other three were wine. One of the wine goblets had been poisoned with a sleeping potion. Beneath it was a note that read “Mordaegul“, denoting the surname of an ancient, powerful wizard of Korum, and the symbol for the Xanathar Thieves Guild of Waterdeep.

The party decided to take the time to rest and divvy up the magic items and gear that they had acquired so far. Those that needed to attuned to their new additions, then the Hellblazers pressed on, examining the final room of the level.

Discovering six dwarf statues, they figured out they needed to be played like magical charms. but before they could test that theory, Jone succumbs to the temptation to draw from his cursed Deck of Many Things.

Drawing the Skull, a Dread Wraith appeared and nearly killed the arcane trickster, but his compatriots came to his aid, healing him so that he could battle the fiend alone once more. This time, utilizing his newly won dagger, he turned the creature.

The party, however, had had enough of the chaotic nature of the cards, so they knocked Jone out and Tim used Mage Hand to take the cards from him and store them in his pack.

They then healed their friend and chimed the dwarven statues. As the sound reverberated throughout the level, the chilling mist descended to floor level.

The Hellblazers checked in with Velius, who was enthralled by the workings of Ocasta’s Transmuter, before deciding to explore the second level of the Lair, taking a magical lift hidden in the Golem’s dais 100 feet below.

The party discovered a vast chamber where a forty foot tall astrolabe spun, whirring and humming. As Abraxas approached the device, a sarcophagus burst open and a figure rose up from its confines, declaring himself Oberon Grey, Watcher of the Conveyance. He called upon the Guardians to defend the device.


Akkamas, Braxton, Jone, Kelwyn, and Toman ascended the stairs to the west while Tim slinked off, stealthily, up the stairs to the east. Wilbough disappeared.

A beautiful woman, dressed as a wizard of some sort approached on the west stair. The party attempted to parley with her, but were not faring well until Jone turned on the charm.

Meanwhile, Tim was approached by an elven archer who recognized the bow Whisper that Tim carried, having chosen it from the loot uncovered on the first level. Akkamas, deciding to see if Tim needed a hand, joined him on the east stair.

Braxton, tiring of conversing with the woman, who Jone recognized to be Althea, the woman from Anzin‘s notation, demanded that they instead be allowed to speak to her superior. This did not go over well.

Althea‘s father approached and chastised her. “Althea, stop playing with your food,” he’d said. Elsewhere, a dwarf joined the archer and barked, “Logros, haven’t you peppered these fools already.”

Oberon snapped at Abraxas, “If you have any sway over your companions, you should use it.” Abraxas turned and called out, “Everyone, do as they say. This does not have to end in bloodshed. Let us be civil!”

And with that, the session ended. Our next game is Monday, September 17th.



*Played via Skype
**Absent/Ran by DM
+Had to leave early

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