Alt-Magic Campaign Character Spotlight: Tim Chainbreaker

liltimTim was born to the Sartoris family of high elves in the Kingdom of Gandryll to upper class silk traders. He was an only child.

His given name was Timarkian Sartoris. His father was disappointed that Tim did not share his mathematical aptitude and didn’t seem to be interested in anything except juggling and reading ancient elven religious texts. Even worse, young Tim shunned magic and distrusted it’s use. His mother paid him no notice as both of his parents were too busy at Court trying to gain favor for their trade.

high elf city

Tim would often go to the High Court with his parents where he was put on display, juggling, performing acrobatics, and fetching drinks. During one of these evenings he met a young man, not much older than he was, named Sataleeti Norrie, who suggested he might take up the longbow. Intrigued, Timarkian agreed.

The bow training was not well received at home.

“Bows and longswords are for the low born. Not for high born trader’s sons.”

elven_archerAs Tim’s relationship with his bow master grew, Sataleeti confided in Tim that his parents were dealing in more than silk — they were, in fact, dealing in Orc slaves, supplying them to other courtiers.

Stunned, Tim drew his longsword and demanded he prove this ‘mark upon my family’s name.’ Sataleeti reached out with no effort and disarmed Tim.

Winking at the young elf, he said, ‘I know more than you think. I know the ways of the dark. I know how to listen. I know the guild speech. I know how to disappear and pilfer. All of these things I can teach you. I knew you were better than your family the first time you juggled and brought me wine. Your path is now up to you.”

While standing in stunned silence, Sataleeti returned Tim’s sword and told him ‘When you come to a decision, you know where to find me.’


Heartbroken and enraged, Tim went home, intending to confront his parents, but come to a heartfelt realization. Instead of walking in the front door, he climbed up to the third story roof of his family home and crept in an open window. Sneaking past the upstairs maid, he silently opened the door to the master bedroom.

There, he left an arrow and a note on his parent’s bed.

“Chains are meant to be broken. So are the people that forge them.”

And thus Timarkian Sartoris was no more. In his stead was ‘Tim Chainbreaker’.

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