Highwayman’s Lute Campaign: Spores!

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In the aftermath of Rastas‘ assassination of the Sisters of the Dreigotter, chaos reigned over the CrossRhodes Inn.

Tiefling Monk quickly rounded up the fleeing halfling, Pendleton, and the serving girl, Esmeralda, encouraging them to return to the bar. The tielfling also spied upon the soldiers and their newfound companion, Yasmina, intent on traveling together to Waterdeep as fast as their legs would carry them. Confident the girl was in no immediate danger from them, she returned to the bar as well.

Rastas bound Earl and Maggs, while Kyrian and Stigandr addressed the Crimson Company. Stig intimidated the two plate clad brigands, while the third finally uncovered the secret panel behind the bar and escaped into the caverns beneath the Inn.

The Lute gave chase, pursuing the mercenary deep into the bowls of the earth where they stumbled into a poisonous mushroom den. Stig was gravely infected, as was the merc who came very near death. Tiefling uncovered a strange statue with two cards in a vessel, but opted to aid her friends rather than pursue it. Kyrian administered anti-toxins to the brigand and his compatriot, then they explored further into the cave complex.


They discovered Zhentarim agents, slavers with twenty-two prisoners, armed with spell-turning halberds. A harrowing battle ensued. One Zhent was killed, while the other two were encouraged to drop their weapons, release their hostages, and leave. They did so, only to take up crossbows in a nearby aqueduct control room and await their chance to ambush our heroes.

Their chance came when a hideous, unnatural beast, part owlbear/part umber hulk stumbled upon the party and attacked. What followed was a brutal battle, narrowly won by our heroes. Advancing on the Zhents in their hideout, Stig burst through the door, dispatching one villain, while Tiefling Monk and Kyrian killed the other.

The session came to a close with the Lute curious as to the nature of the control room they found themselves in, and the implications of the Zhentarim’s slave trade in the area. Were they too on the hunt for the Hand of Vecna, or was the Waterdhavian Thieves’ Guild’s presence here merely a coincidence?

More next week…

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