Alt-Magic Campaign: Golden Slumbers

Curiosity about the Orbs sits heavily on the minds of the Hellblazers. Now with a means to use the orbs safely thanks to Abraxas casting Comprehend Languages on the thief’s note found with the powders before the gold orb and an Identify spell cast by Braxton, it was decided that the Spellbound Paladin would attempt to connect with the entity trapped inside.

He projects astrally into a vast desert where a mighty ziggurat looms above him. A woman approaches from out of the temple, standing on a balcony at the top of a long stair.

What follows is Steve’s recap of what transpired:

Without leaving the spot he entered, Braxton talks with the shapely evil being before him. The being was joined by four undead warriors behind her. Learns she is Taleeb. Braxton recalls a history lesson: that she was called the “dragon priestess,” head of the dragon cult who worshipped Tiamat.

Taleeb was supposedly slain 35 years ago by the Blood Brotherhood in the Dragon Wars. Taleeb is a haughty, proud woman with a strong ego. She never admitted to be imprisoned by Ocasta. She claimed to be at the final Dragon War but left early to attend to important business.


Taleeeb smelled “the stench of a Chabonne” on Braxton. She suggested that Chabonne is a new name for that family. Originally, the name was “Silvermane.” 1,000 years ago, there was an Adair Silvermane who was the dragon’s champion, who used powerful dragon armor and a matching sword to vanquish enemies. The warrior died in battle. The warrior’s son chose a different path to succeed. Instead of vanquishing enemies on the field of war, the son built fame & fortune through business and land.

She seemed open to repeat visits. But suggested that next time, tribute be offered that recognizes her station. She has something specific in mind: the “bands of Parallax,” some diamond and ruby armbands.

Braxton left, being careful not to move further into the pocket dimension, for fear of the movement impacting his ability to leave.

Braxton’s impression: that we should not bother with this person again. Nothing to be gained by it. It’s best for the world that she remain trapped. She also didn’t ask to be released. Interesting to see that Braxton and Abraxas may be distantly related. Player note: seems really more character backstory than anything else.

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