Highwayman’s Lute Campaign: All Roads Lead to Waterdeep

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We revisit Kyrian, Stigandr, and Tiefling Monk of the Highwayman’s Lute twenty-five years after the sounding of the Horn of Infinite Winter. They are now fully-fledged members of the Blood Brotherhood and have been patrolling the frozen wasteland of Drakkarsys, defending the weak from marauders and giving aid to those in need.


Called to the Reliquary by Thaddeus Sexton, the Lute are charged with traveling to Albatheos to meet up with Rastas, a rogue who has infiltrated a newly established religious cult. They are tasked with delivering a sealed scroll to the spy, to bring back any information the infiltrator might have, and to also bring back supplies for the survivors in and around Frosthaven (formerly Crowhaven/Bloodhaven). They are each given 500 gold pieces for these supplies and traveling money.

The trio are teleported to the CrossRhodes Inn where they quickly become acclimated. Outside, a man and woman share an ale dressed in rough, peasant clothes and an elderly man and a child pass them on the road. Inside, the bar is populated by a Mummer’s Troupe — a halfling drummer named Pendelton and a beautiful half-elven dancer named Yasmina, members of the Crimson Company (a mercenary band of brigands seemingly running a protection racket), a trio of soldiers, a weary peasant, three clerics dressed in white — Brother Shackleford, Sister Vandelay, and Sister Devonstead, and the bar staff.


Kyrian, reading the lips of the clerics, believes they may be connected to their mission. Then, after one of the Crimson Company berates the clerics over a supposed missing box, Kyrian sends a message spell to Shackleford asking for a secret conversation. Shackleford exits the bar and Tiefling Monk follows.

In the mean time, the Lute‘s barmaid, Esmeralda, delivered Firewood Ale and Dragon Eggs to Kyrian and Stig. Kyrian had the Blue Dragon, which produced a tingling effect on the roof of the tumbler’s mouth, while Stigandr devoured the Red Dragon, a fiery dish that caused a painful case of heartburn that was greatly soothed by the house brew.

TmonkOutside, Tiefling Monk gets the cleric to loosen his tongue, pumping him for information regarding his faith and what they are doing there. She learns a magical artifact was supposed to have been delivered to Shadow House, a religious monastery housed in an ancient ruined chapel, two weeks before but never arrived. They are awaiting Father Rastas, the Abbot of Shadow House, to receive further instruction. They are clerics of the Dreigotter faith.

Monk sends Shackleford back inside, but noticing the old man and child hovering nearby, investigates and notices the old man reapplying a disguise on the boy using a rogue’s disguise kit. She confronts them and persuades them to enter the bar as well.

As they approach, Monk takes note of the peasant couple’s interest as well, and persuades them to enter the bar also. Suspicious of the whole situation, Monk thinks it best to keep everyone under one roof where the Lute can keep an eye on them.

Meanwhile, Kyrian performs for the crowd, much to the chagrin of Pendeleton. A minor kerfuffle breaks out, with a Crimson Company goon, dressed in Caliburn Knight armor, abusing Shackleford and then one of the barmaids. Stig comes to her aid and intimidates the bully, forcing him to back down.

Then, all hell breaks loose.

An invisible assassin appears behind the three clerics, quickly killing the two Sisters. Stigandr grapples the murderer, pinning him to the wall. They quickly learn this is “Father Rastas“.


Meanwhile, Tiefling Monk conjures Darkness on the Crimson Company to ensure they do not enter the fray and Kyrian puts up a wall of force to contain the four mysterious “peasants” — Earl, his grandson Ervin, Marvis, and Maggs

kyrianOne of the peasants Dispels Magic on their prison. Maggs grapples Kyrian but he retaliates by ensnaring her in a Crown of Madness. Monk and Stig kill Marvis, then take Earl and Maggs prisoner. The child, who appears to be a halfling in disguise, teleports away from the scene.

Rastas addresses the Lute after reading Thaddeus‘ message. He informs them that the Dreigotter were transporting the Hand of Vecna from their kirk outside Daggervale to Shadow House in Hommlet but that it was stolen from their couriers and was now headed for Waterdeep.

Kyrian, Stigandr, and Tiefling Monk agree to join Rastas in going to the City of Splendors to follow-up on this news. But first, they have some questions for their prisoners, and then there’s the matter of a distraught Brother Shackleford


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