Alt-Magic Campaign: To Hell & Back Again

Alt-Magic Campaign
Episode X: To Hell & Back Again


Abraxas Silvermane (Connor), **Jone Constance (Aaron)


While the party took a long and much deserved respite, Abraxas asked for their support in him using the Amulet of the Planes to journey to the Nine Hells to see after Jone’s soul, return to Assayadin to check in on Phillipe, and finally, to return to Ocasta’s Lair, completing the loop that they might all be able to return to the port city safely and securely. As all readily agreed, Abraxas called upon the power of the Amulet and was whisked away to Avernus, the First Layer of Baator and the Dragonspawn Pits of Azharul.

Arriving on the rocky wasteland beneath a canopy of strange stars, Abraxas approached the Gates of the Dragonspawn Pits, negotiating with the Gatekeeper for entry. He paid the toll of one gem worth 100gp, two of Ocasta’s Spellbooks and one Crescentian Spellbook. Once the transaction was complete, he was magicked from the gate into the Arena where Tiamat, Queen of Dragons holds court.

TiamatStunned by her magnificence, Abraxas fell to his knees as the Queen, transforming from a monstrous five headed dragon into a beautiful sorceress, demanded tribute. Abraxas offered his loyal service and told her of the Hand of Vecna being in Ocasta‘s possession and that she was in route to Waterdeep. Tiamat accepted his fealty and charged Abraxas to serve as her champion in this matter. She told the wizard that Ocasta would be taking the Hand to the 18th Level of Halastar Blackcloak’s Undermountain.

Abraxas then asked for a favor, that the soul of his companion and ally, Jone Constance, be released from Hell and returned to the Prime Material, emphasizing that the rogue would be an invaluable tool in his quest to rid the world of Ocasta once and for all . She agreed, locating the arcane trickster, and teleporting the wizard to him, but with the caveat that he may have to barter for Jone‘s release.

littlecrowAbraxas found himself on a narrow landbridge stretching across a fiery plane where demons and devils warred with one another. Traversing the bridge was Constance, naked and bridled, being ridden by a female Imp. The rogue was bloody, bruised, and covered in boils and burns.

AbraxasThe wizard brokered the rogue’s return to the land of the living in exchange for taking the Imp on as his familiar, thus giving the little fiend an escape from the horrors of war.

The two apparated to Assayadin where the Imp polymorphed into a raven, taking the name Littlecrow. Abraxas discovered Phillipe was being cared for by a young boy named Willie at the behest of Matteus, the Thieves’ Guild Lieutenant, as a favor to Tim the Elf.

JoneAbraxas thanked the boy, tipping him a silver piece, then he and Littlecrow apparated back to the party, at which point the wizard learned that Ocasta’s Lair was on a different Plane of Existence. Upon arrival, Abraxas related all he had bartered for and learned as Jone suddenly gasped for air and rose up from the ground, whole and renewed, though a bit worse for wear, thankful that no one had looted his stuff while he was otherwise engaged.

And thus ended the session, with Abraxas returned to the Hellblazers and Jone no longer living impaired. Our next game is scheduled for Wednesday, September 5th.


*Playing via Skype
**Absent/Ran by DM
+Had to leave early

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