Alt-Magic Campaign: Jone of the Dead

Alt-Magic Campaign
Episode IX: Jone of the Dead


Abraxas Silvermane (Connor), *Akkamas Mohaïva (Mike), *+Braxton Chabbone (Steve), Jone Constance (Aaron), Kelwyn (Rodney), Tim (Shaun), Toman (Mason), Velius (Paul), and Ziyal (Joy)



The night began with our intrepid adventurers in the proverbial fire. Our last session ended with Ziyal, a gendermorph cleric of the Dreigotter, conjuring a Spiritual Hammer and leveling a mighty blow upon Jace ibn Alhazared, the very powerful and dangerous leader of the Green Flame criminal organization and proprietor of the recently razed Magical Child, and narrowly missing Jace’s second, Elspeth Fairweather.

Elspeth responded by casting Thunderwave, knocking Ziyal back 10 feet and prone. Wilbough Waggons, who had been in Jace and Elspeth‘s company, bolted to Ziyal‘s aid, administering a health potion.


Jace, quickly recovering, cast Bigby’s Grasping Hand, grappling the elven archer Tim and drawing him in close, whispering to the rogue:

“This is getting out of hand. I’m going to reset Time, sending everyone back 10 minutes.
None of them will remember any of this, but you will, and only you will retain the items
you’ve gathered in that time… We are not enemies. Your party has skills I need if we’re
to war with Ocasta.

Know this, elf, the Hand of Vecna was stolen from me. That’s why I had my Green Flame
minions attack your camp. It wasn’t personal. It was business. The Dreigotter filched the
Hand from me in Daggervale. I was just trying to get it back.

Now, you fill in your friends as much as you wish. Loot this lair with the knowledge you
have. We’ll meet again in Waterdeep.”

Jace then withdrew a dagger. He twisted the pommel and the room began to spin and suddenly the entire party was back in the witch’s tent, being teleported to Ocasta’s Lair as if none of the previous events had happened, save for Tim who was more than aware of what had transpired.

The elf quickly explained the situation to his companions, detailing the events that had transpired when they had passed this way before, with corroboration from Wilbough who had been left behind by Jace and Elspeth, though he, too,had no memory of the previous events, save for what he had been told by Alhazared.

The party quickly looted the teleportation room with the foreknowledge they gleaned from Tim, careful to avoid the red dragon orb. The party then moved into the next chamber to the north where they investigated a magical artifact that had the ability to transfer magical properties from one magic item to another item. The also discovered Crescentian notes left near another red orb, along with three powders (silver, red pepper, and bone ash).


Akkamas entered the next northern chamber, a library of sorts, with a raised dais where four figures played at cards. Abraxas followed, drawing their attention. A melee ensued as the rest of the party swarmed in to confront these Crescentian assassins. One was killed while the other three, seeing they were gravely outnumbered, fled.

Akkamas looted the body and Abraxas searched the library. The rest of the party, exhausted from the conflict, opted to take a short rest while Tim watched over them, perched and hiding atop a bookcase. The Hellblazers were fast asleep when Tim noticed a disturbance in the confining mist.

skeleton mageEntering the chamber was the Undead Sorcerer the party had battled in the previous timeline. He did not come alone — with the skeletal spellcaster were two Crescentian Sentries. While Tim, Abraxas, and Akkamas engaged the magician, the sentries waded into the sleeping party dealing serious damage to them. As the Hellblazers rose, an all out battle was underway.

Velius and Ziyal joined Tim, Abraxas, and Akkamas against the sorcerer while Braxton, Jone, Kelwyn, and Toman dealt with the sentries. The sentries were dealt with in short order, but the sorcerer was a beast to contend with.

Unleashing a devastating fireball spell, the skeletal horror did the unthinkable. While many of the party were dropped and hovering between life and death, the grim reaper claimed one of the HellblazersJone Constance, who had found courage, with rapier in hand against the sentries, was dead.

Finally, after a pitched battle, history repeated itself as Velius delivered the final, fatal blow against their undead adversary, casting a magic missile that ended the skeletal sorcerer’s assault.

Regrouping, healing was administered and a long rest decided upon, with Tim taking up sentry duty. Akkamas and Abraxas moved west, searching the next chamber, where they discovered another library and a cartographer’s desk. While Abraxas pilfered books from the shelves, Akkamas searched the desk finding a map of the first level of the Ruins of Undermountain and correspondence between the Masked Lords of Waterdeep and the Crescentian Ambassador, Jace ibn Alhazared. The letters were a negotiation regarding new and profitable trade routes between Waterdeep and Crescentia. These items, along with a set of books found by Abraxas detailing the Wards of Waterdeep, seemed to be an important resource.


Akkamas opted to wait in the library for the rest of the party to rise from their long rest, while Abraxas announced that he would Plane Shift and attempt to find a pathway back to Assayadin.

And thus another thrilling adventure came to a close. Will Abraxas find them a way back to Phillipe the Horse? Have we seen the last of Jone? I forgot to even mention that Toman found two rings, one that made him smarter while the other improved his strength! The barbarian’s frenzied rage was quite effective during the combat against the sentries, what now that he’s no longer a lumbering, weak-limbed simpleton? We’ll find out the answers to all these questions and more, next week as we embark on another spine-tingling excursion into the world of Enochia!


*Playing via Skype
+Had to leave early


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