#RPGaDAY2018: Day 27 — Share a great stream / actual play


Here we go. Five days left in this year’s RPGaDay Experience. This week is “share” week and the first prompt asks us to “share a great stream/actual play”.

I suppose the majority of folks are going to mention Critical Role, which is the gold standard for actual plays. They are slick, professional, and entertaining as hell. They are also paraded as the reason for the glut of actual plays out there today, and in many cases, responsible for the current Dungeons & Dragons Renaissance.

I absolutely love Critical Role and I think they deserve as many accolades as you can pour onto them… but… I think there’s another actual play that should actually get the nod for being the godfather of this whole crazy mess we’ve found ourselves in right now —

I’m talking about Acquisitions Inc.


It began as a podcast, featuring Dungeon Master Chris Perkins, Mike Krahulik as Jim Darkmagic, Jerry Holkins as Omin Dran, and Scott Kurtz as Binwin Bronzebottom. Shortly after Wil Wheaton joined the cast as Aeofel.

That podcast, originally intended to promote D&D 4th Edition, evolved into live shows at PAX and brought in new cast members and special guests, including Patrick Rothfus as Viari and Morgan Webb as Môrgæn.

It was Acquisitions Inc. that got me interested in actual plays and, I venture, inspired a lot of others to do what they were doing.

So, hats off to AI, and RIP and Godspeed to Binwin Bronzebottom. I wish you could have had a better send-off than what you got via Camera, Dice, Action.

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