Alt-Magic Campaign Lore: The Abyss (Part 1 of 3)

Detailing the Eldritch:
Part One of Three
by Abraxas Silvermane
with collaborations by his good friend
Kosmo Ralpartha


No one knows when, or how, but the chaos of the Abyss was there long before the gods, a great and endless hole from which the evil in the multiverse is thought to have been born. Not much is known of the Abyss itself, and what scraps of lore on the dreaded place remain tend to be well guarded. Thus I have opted to provide a history on the greatest of the Demon Lords as best I can from what I’ve been to learn in my studies. For those who read this that are unaware, a Demon Lord is a creature of great might that has risen to power via the conquering of an Abyssal layer, of which (that we know of) there are six-hundred and sixty-six. Now, let us begin with the ‘greatest’ of Demon Lords.

The Demogorgon, Prince of Demons

Where the Demogorgon came from, in truth, is a mystery, though many theories have arisen on its origin. One of the most highly accepted theories claims it was once a primordial who sought the Shard of Infinite Evil, a powerful artifact that was lost in the Abyss, and that it still seeks the Shard to this day.

This is, of course, a fascinating story, but there are many facts that contradict it. But it matters very little how the Demogorgon came to be, or came to rule a layer of the Abyss. No matter if it was once a god, or but a mere mortal, the self proclaimed Prince of Demons continues to this day to be a blight on the world.


On the eighty eighth layer of the Abyss the Demogorgon rules the Gaping Maw, its vile, twisted realm, half sunken into the sea, half overgrown with jungles and swamps. It is from the dual, skull-topped spires of its undersea fortress that the Prince holds court, its twin baboon heads plotting with and against each other. One head seeks to dominate known existence, while the other’s goal is to destroy it utterly. The head that seeks to dominate is closely tied to Lord Dagon, the powerful lord of the deep sea. Demogorgon’s greatest enemies are rivals to its throne, Orcus and Graz’zt. Orcus, being Prince of Undeath, infuriates the Demogorgon, as the title is one it covets, and Graz’zt’s sheer arrogance and bravado alone are enough for Demogorgon to want him exterminated.

The Demogorgon is, and always will be, one of the deadliest Demon Lords, but recent events show that another more fitting Lord, has risen to challenge the Sibilant Beast.

Next — Orcus, Prince of Undeath

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