#RPGaDAY2018: Day 24 — Which RPG deserves greater recognition?


Last “Which” prompt and it’s an interesting one, “which RPG do you think deserves greater recognition?

A game that I’m surprised is not a bigger success is Green Ronin’s A Song of Ice & Fire Roleplaying Game. It’s a beautiful collection of books set in a brilliant IP with interesting mechanics. What’s not to love?

sifrpgMaybe one of the principle turn-offs is the brutal damage and wound tracking. The game is packed full of realism. Maybe that’s just too much for some players?

The simple truth is, once you look outside of Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder, there is a huge drop off in the number of people playing rpgs, and there are a lot of great games out there.

Roleplaying games are growing in popularity, particularly D&D. What I would like to see is a 5e version of A Song of Ice & Fire. There’s a way to pull it off and make it work, I think. Green Ronin has done a brilliant job bringing Martin’s world to tabletop. I’d like to see them now adapt it for a bigger audience in a similar way that One Ring has done with Middle-Earth.

That’s it for today. A couple of cool weekend prompts to look forward to, then we enter the final week of RPGaDay 2018.


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