#RPGaDAY2018: Day 23 — Which game do you hope to play again?


We’re racing to the end now. Today’s prompt is a hard one for me — Which game do you hope to play again? — because, despite having played lots of different rpgs in the past 40 years, my one true love has always been Dungeons & Dragons.

I do have fond memories of several games, especially in the 80s when we experimented with Boot Hill, Gamma World, Traveller, Top Secret, Call of Cthulhu, Marvel Super Heroes, Twilight2000, DC Heroes, and the like.

But one game comes to mind when I think — I’d love to give that another go…


We backed this on kickstarter a couple of years back and I’ve never seen more beautiful books. The 2d20 takes a little getting used to, and I’m not completely sold on all the mechanics, but the setting, character creation – the look and feel of the game – are outstanding.

Of course I’d like to give Conan another spin. I am Howard obsessed. How could I not want to play the game that has his stamp all over it?


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