Alt-Magic Campaign: The Quick & the Undead

Alt-Magic Campaign
Episode VIII: The Quick & the Undead


Abraxas Silvermane (Connor), *Akkamas Mohaïva (Mike), *Braxton Chabbone (Steve), Jone Constance (Aaron), Kelwyn (Rodney), Tim (Shaun), Toman (Mason), Velius (Paul), and Ziyal (Joy)

The Oak Hill RPG Club threw down in new digs last night and man, was it a wild one. This group continues to do the unexpected, staying true to the name I’ve hung on them — Hellblazers.

When last we gathered, Toman had raced into another area surrounded by the freezing mist while Kelwyn was recovering from the devastating wound he’d suffered from the Dragon Orb.

Picking up where we left off, Tim and Akkamas followed Toman into a chamber with two more Orbs, one purple and the other blue.

Jone took a magical deck of cards into his possession while Abraxas uncovered a means for passing through the mist unharmed. Kelwyn used Produce Flame to carry through on that discovery.

The party reunited in the area with two orbs. Ziyal detected the nearby presence of the undead and the Hellblazers discussed their options, finally deciding to explore further in that direction.

First, Braxton looked to commune with the Blue Orb. He was drawn to a mountainside where a dark cave loomed before his astral form. The paladin pulled back once he detected a presence there. Intrigued, Abraxas entered the Orb and made contact with a blue eyed figure hidden by shadow.

ankThe creature’s name was Paralax, claiming to have been mated to a dragon slain by Niblung Ankleshanker, one of the Blood Brotherhood, during the Rise of Tiamat thirty some years before.

Abraxas agreed to free Paralax in exchange for their assistance in opposing Ocasta, the Mother of Inventions. The wizard, however, was struck near dead when he tried to break free of the orb. He was raised by Kelwyn the Druid while Tim took possession of the orb via mage hand, eventually sealing it away inside the Cask of Vecna.

The party passed through the next mist barrier via Produce Flame generated by Kelwyn, exploring a large area dominated by a raised dais where a lectern held an opened book. Braxton went to investigate a Crescentian Warrior statue, Toman and Ziyal went toward the area where the cleric had sensed the undead, Velius approached the displayed tome, Tim busied himself securing the orb he’d taken, while Akkamas, Kelwyn, and Abraxas approached the newly found one.

Kelwyn expended his Produce Flame, hurling it at the Blue Orb. The Orb cracked and a blue phoenix-like gas rose up from the orb and evaporated.

skeleton mageA skeletal, magic-wielding horror attacked from the mist, leveling a devastating lightning bolt attack on four members of the party. Triggered by Velius‘ approach toward the book, the statue came to life. A battle ensued with the majority of the Hellblazers concentrating on the skeletal mage while Braxton engaged the statue.

Ziyal used his Channel Divinity to good effect against the undead wizard, Tim and Toman lashed out with melee weapons, while Abraxas, Akkamas, and Velius used spells and cantrips to keep the skeletal creature occupied.

Jone snatched the tome from the lectern, causing the statue to collapse. He secured the book in his backpack via mage hand. Meanwhile, with a well-timed magic missile spell, Velius leveled the killing blow on the skeletal mage.

As the party examined the remains of their vanquished foes, Jace ibn Alhazared, Elspeth Fairweather, and the halfling rogue Wilbough Waggons, weary and battered, opened a gate in the mist. Abraxas engaged Jace in conversation, learning they had fought mechanical constructs in the form of desert scorpions.

When questioned as to why they left during the battle at the Magical Child, Jace responded that he felt it imperative to find something to aid him in his coming conflict with Ocasta and her minions. He also said that he felt confident the Hellblazers could handle the undead that razed his shop.

An insight check by Tim revealed this to be an honest response, but Ziyal felt the merchant was being deceptive.

The wizard informed Alhazared that they had found one of Ocasta‘s journals at which point Ziyal stepped forward and conjured a Spiritual Hammer and struck the roguish merchant. He tried to do the same to Elspeth, but Jace‘s Lieutenant was too fast for the cleric.

The session ended with Fairweather conjuring a ball of blue energy in the palm of her hand…


  • *Playing via Skype
  • **Absent

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  1. I just wish the BBC would film that because it is a damn good show.
    Particularly the first time Shawn pretends to be
    psychic. They won’t give him a job because he’s a felon. It should have been a solid night of


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