#RPGaDAY2018: Day 22 — Alternate Prompt: Describe an ambitious campaign idea


Today’s prompt was which non-dice system appeals to you? The short answer to that question is none, so I thought I would tackle an alternate prompt instead: describe an ambitious campaign idea.

My son and I have been developing a campaign that we had originally planned on launching this year, but that we’ve postponed until 2019. It is, essentially, a Low Magic Campaign that we have gone back and forth on regarding level advancement (Either being 6 or 10 as the limit).


Leveling is milestone and glacially paced. Rules for encumbrance will be enforced. Wounds will be a major factor. Magic will be rare and wondrous, and magical artifacts scarce. Politics and intrigue will take precedence over dungeon delves and random monster encounters. Sessions will be grounded, with a slow build toward the fantastical. Each player will have two characters, each tied to the other thematically. The entire party will be connected via the same Noble House, either as heirs or as bannermen to the Duke.

Think of it as a cross between Lord of the Rings, A Song of Ice & Fire, and The Name of the Rose.


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