#RPGaDAY2018: Day 17 — Describe the best compliment you’ve had while gaming


Today’s prompt, for the 17th installment of RPGaDay, is to describe the best compliment you’ve had while gaming.

I’ve been lucky to get lots of positive feedback from the games I run. My entire life has been a crucible in which all my hobbies, obsessions, and neuroses have created the perfect storm for spinning fantastical yarns that suck players in as deep as they want to go.

Image result for d20 rolling gif

You can play my game on the surface and hack your way to fortune and glory, or you can tumble down the rabbit hole and uncover the secret underpinnings of the very multiverse itself. I have both types of players at my table, and other players at various points in between.

What’s the best compliment I get? When you come back, eager for the next session, ready to take another spin at the wheel.

That’s what I love about D&D and RPGs in general — instant feedback.

What are the four words I long to hear from one of my players?

“Man, that was fun.”

Music to my ears.

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