#RPGaDAY2018: Day 16 — Describe your plans for your next game


We’re over the hump. It’s all downhill from here. Today’s prompt is an underhanded toss. We’re challenged to describe our plans for our next game session.

Well, without going into too many details (because my players will be watching), our next session finds our hearty band of adventurers in the abandoned magical library of Ocasta, called the Mother of Inventions


In the world of Enochia, Ocasta is a legendary figure. An inventor of numerous magical artifacts, she is perhaps best known for having been Vecna’s principle instructor in the arcane arts and for her failed attempt at slaying the necromancer.

What lies in store for these Hellblazers as they traverse the perilous ruin of Ocasta’s lair? You can follow along by reading all of the game recaps right HERE.

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