#RPGaDAY2018: Day 15 — Describe a tricky RPG experience


Halfway through this year’s RPGaDay experience and today’s prompt is a challenging one. We’re asked to describe a tricky RPG experience that we enjoyed.

As a DM, I’ve enjoyed many “tricky” experiences that I’ve put my players through, that’s for sure. But as a player? Honestly, I’ve only worn that hat a handful of times, but I do have vague but fond memories of playing Traveller back in my sophomore year in high school, about 1981, give or take.

I was part of a group of mercenaries tasked with rescuing a corporate magnate who was being held for ransom by intergalactic terrorists. The prisoner was on an isolated mining planet, its operation long abandoned.

Infiltrating the location, it was a near impossible scenario due to adverse weather, our opponent’s superior position and firepower, and lack of strategic planning on our part.

Some of my fellow players were… what’s the word? Let’s say loose cannons.

As I recall, one of my teammates climbed into a crane, hoping to use its wrecking ball to clear a path for us. Instead, he struck our position, destroying our cover, and each and every one of us was systematically killed by plasma rifle fire.

Good times.

A tricky situation? To be sure. Fun? Absolutely.

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