#RPGaDay2018: Day 11 — Wild Things Prompt: Alternate – Wildest Campaign


Taking a page out of Runeslinger’s book, I’ve opted to tackle Wildest Campaign rather Wildest Character Name. I take a rather conservative approach to naming characters, Wilbough Waggons not withstanding.

Wildest Campaign? Hard to choose because they’ve all had their moments, but I think the woolliest was the original Enochian Campaign that ran from 2013-2015. A lot of time-travel in that one and as DM I was able to synch a moment in our first session, when the party was attacked by shadowy, unknown assailants, with a truly mind-blowing revelation when they ended up traveling back in time and attacking themselves. And they didn’t realize it until after the fact.

Truly rewarding.

So many great moments, with the guys burning Sandpoint to the ground, battling (and beheading) the Red Witch, Thurston getting kidnapped and trussed up in a magic cell, liberating a Balor Demon and watching it slay its minions, and a perilous revisit to the Giant modules…


That campaign also featured the double-cross of my son’s goblin character, Ronnoc, when the diminutive arcane trickster stole the Deathwish, a Lovecraft-inspired Warship complete with an extra-dimensional tentacled beastie in a treasure chest.

Big, big fun and as wild as they come.

wulframnorstromnpcThat was also a campaign that featured one of my favorite NPCs — Wulfram Nordstrom, an Odin-as-Wanderer-as-Trickster deity in human form. He, on more than one occasion had to smack some sense into one particular player character, a character who, if I recall had an interesting conversation with his mother’s severed head.

But I digress.

That was a memorable campaign for many reason, not the least of which it having been our reunion game. Some of us hadn’t played D&D together in 30 years.

Not only was that campaign wild in all the best ways, but it brought the old gang back together, and it doesn’t get any wilder than that.

The best part is that 5, almost 6 years later and we’re still at it, each and every week. Sure, a couple of the guys have to Skype in from hundreds of miles away, but the fellowship has never been stronger.

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