#RPGaDAY2018: Day 8 — How can we get more people playing?


Day 8 of #RPGaDay2018 and we’re in the thick of it now. Today’s prompt is “How can we get more people playing?” Well, that’s easy, because it’s already happening.

I suspect more people are playing Tabletop RPGs right now than ever before, with the possible exception of that sweet spot in the 1980s when the Satanic Panic was rearing its ugly little head.

Why? Actual Plays on Twitch and Youtube. It began with Acquisitions Inc and slowly built steam until Critical Role blew the whole thing up. Now these Actual Plays are legion and ever expanding — Maze Arcana, Dice Camera Action, The Adventure Zone, Girls Guts Glory, and a whole host of others…

Want to keep drawing people into the game, to keep the momentum? Celebrity endorsements don’t hurt one bit. We need more ambassadors like Joe Manganiello, Matthew Lillard, Deborah Ann Woll, and Stephen Colbert singing the the praises of tabletop gaming.

We also need to increase our presence on social media and showcase the best parts of the game to the masses.

We need to make games fun and safe and enticing and available to everyone.


We need to emphasize the positive mental health aspects of the game.

We need to shine a spotlight on the skill sets that one acquires from roleplaying, stuff like problem-solving and teamwork and improvisational acting.

We need more positive media events. Stranger Things really helped spark a renewed interest in D&D. Imagine what a successful Dungeons & Dragons film would do.

If you’re a game that’s not D&D, think long and hard on that.

Look, I know literally dozens upon dozens of people, maybe hundreds, who would be great roleplayers, but feel it’s too nerdy for them.

We need to continue to show the world that while there is a heavy nerd quotient within those of us who love these games, that it’s alright to own that part of our personalities, that it’s okay to immerse yourself into the culture of gaming, that everyone is welcome, so long as we all play nice (or nice adjacent).

In a perfect world, all that would be required to bring people to the game is to simply play games better. That’s the DM in me thinking. The truth is, we have to merely paint a better picture of what we do, to present it in a more palpable way, and to dress it up and make it sing.

We’re always looking for new players. Why? Because we love the game and we want you to love it too.

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