#RPGaDay2018: Day 7 — How can a GM make the stakes important?


Day 7’s RPGaDay prompt is “How can a GM make the stakes important?”

Most RPGs are, at their core, about problem-solving. A Dungeon Master’s job is to provide drama and narrative, to place obstacles in the players’ paths, with a clearly defined goal at the end. Not that there are not twists and turns along the way, but all roads should lead, eventually, to a satisfying conclusion.

What makes the stakes important? This ties in to yesterday’s question. The stakes are important, are elevated, when your players are immersed in the world you’ve created, when the people around them, be they players or NPCs, matter.

Death, or simply the threat of it, is a great motivator. The stakes don’t get any higher nor more important.

It’s all about making connections, making them care. This doesn’t happen through murder-hobo gaming, but through the introduction of characters that become important. It’s all about worldbuilding, roleplay, and putting in the effort to bring everything to life, let it breathe and become a part of them, then, when you place those things in peril, they feel it in their gut.

It all come down to telling a story and making them believe it.


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