Alt-Magic Campaign: Hellblazers


Alt-Magic Campaign
Episode VI: Hellblazers


Abraxas (Connor), Akkamas (Mike), Braxton Chabbone (Steve), Jone (Aaron), Kelwyn (Rodney), Tim (Shaun), *Toman (Mason), *Velius (Paul), and Ziyal (Joy), with Elspeth, Jace ibn Alhazared, and Wilbough Waggons


Our party, standing in the narrow streets of Assayadin, watched as Ocasta‘s ship sailed off toward the horizon. With no other vessels in port, a decision was made to join their newfound ally, Jace ibn Alhzared, at Al Sahri Tifuln (Crescentian for the Magical Child) to discuss their options for tracking the Mother of Inventions and the Hand of Vecna, the Whispered One.

Entering the desert market quarter of the city, the adventurers found smoke billowing out of Jace‘s magic shop and the great pool littered with dead bodies. The few surviving merchants warned of dark figures in the night bringing destruction down upon them.

decaying deadThe party soon found the source of the attack as four Decaying Dead, skeletal warriors rising out of the sands, came forth with murderous intent, aided by three desert worgs.

Akkamas, Braxton, and Tim (with his enchanted sword) worked in concert, like a well oiled machine, dispatching two of the undead creatures.

Abraxas conjured an illusory alpha predator that scared off one worg and distracted another, while using Burning Hands to aid in the attack of the Decaying Dead.

Kelwyn used Produce Flame to good effect, distracting and damaging the skeletons, all in support of the other combatants.

Toman and Velius dealt heavy blows, dropping two of the undead, but Jone drew Toman‘s ire when he attempted to shove the barbarian into the fray with his Mage Hand. Toman attacked and Jone had to do some fancy talking to sooth the barbarian’s wrath.

The two ended up wandering off together, with the lunkheaded warrior getting lost and confused, while Jone broke into a dwelling where he met a mysterious figure. Offered a drink, the rogue was transported to an alternate dimension where he was presented with a manual of occult detection. Upon returning to the prime material, the dwelling appeared unkempt and abandoned and the mysterious figure was gone. Jone made his way to the roof where he watched the rest of the battle.

nosfaratuFour more Decaying Dead approached from out of the Magical Child, along with their leader, an Undead Fiend with magic powers. Abraxas, using the magical ring he had acquired from the Blue Dragon, walked across the water and again used Burning Hands against the skeletal warriors to good effect.

The Fiend descended, gracefully, and attempted to dominate the wizard, but he shook off the mental assault and raced for the Magical Child.

Meanwhile, Ziyal made his way up to the second tier, hoping to reach the rooftops where he could aid in the battle. With three Decaying Dead bearing down on him, Ziyal failed to break down one door, then hurriedly shattered another, discovering a mother and three children cowering in fear. He raced past them, scrambling up the ladder to the roof where he espied a severely wounded Abraxas fighting off a skeleton and the Fiend.

A battle was underway on the upper level, again with Akkamas, Kelwyn, and Braxton working well together. They dispatched one skeleton, while the other entered the dwelling, chasing after Ziyal. It butchered the family inside. Tim, having stealthily climbed up the side of the building, leapt across rooftops to slay the undead as it attempted to climb to the rooftop. He then climbed down and attended to the dying, successfully stabilizing one surviving child. Kelwyn entered and took over for him as the elf took up a position overhead, bow at the ready.

NessusZiyal, after another successful Healing Word spell cast on the wounded wizard, raced toward Abraxas who had taken up position inside the burning magical child, attempting to persuade and influence the Fiend. The wizard learned that the Fiend was in service to Ocasta and Vecna, and that he opposed Asmodeus, Abraxas‘ patron, and all devilkind.

As the Fiend was preparing to strike Abraxas down, Ziyal fired his crossbow, distracting the villain. Abraxas used the opportunity to use his Amulet of the Planes, casting the Fiend into Nessus, the Ninth Level of Baator.

Braxton arrived at the last minute to step between Abraxas and the remaining skeletal warrior, dispatching the creature.

The party, exhausted and spent, hurriedly gathered as many items from the burning magic shop as they could before the roof collapsed.

And thus ended one of the wildest, tension-filled game session in recent memory.



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