#RPGaDay2018: Day 6 — How can players make a world seem real?


And so we begin Week 2 of #RPGaDay2018, or “How” Week, if you will. Today’s question being “How can players make a world seem real?”

Well, I feel the onus of a world seeming real falls largely on the shoulders of the Dungeon Master more so than with the players, but there are things a player can do to facilitate the shared reality that everyone at the table is taking part in.

I discussed this with Connor and his first thought was “interaction with NPCs” and he’s completely right on this. For a fictional world to seem real, it needs to be populated with a wide variety of interesting and colorful characters, but for them to work, players have to engage them.

My gut went initially in a different direction, and it all stems from adhering to encumbrance rules. My thinking is that for the world to seem real, you first have to see your character as real, which means all of it, from head to toe.

Imagine every bit of apparel and accessory. What’s in your backpack? What is in your pouches and which side of your belt do they hang.

The more you know yourself, the more real it feels and the better you’re able to immerse yourself in the world around you.

That’s just a couple of ideas. I look forward to seeing how everyone lese answers this one.

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