#RPGaDay2018: Day 1 — What do you love about RPGs?


We begin RPGaDay 2018 with the question, “What do you love about RPGs?”. I suspect this is a question that will be answered in a similar way by the vast majority, with equal parts camaraderie and escapism swirling upwards to the fore.

The social aspect is a big part of the appeal of rpgs. As we become more and more isolated and technologically dependent, wired into unsocial media as we are, gathering with like-minded friends around the tabletop is an experience that builds lasting connections.

The immersiveness of rpgs is another huge draw. Players can go as deep as they feel comfortable, especially with a solid gamemaster at the reins. Losing oneself in a fictional world, and subsequently shedding real world anxieties (at least for a few hours), is not only fun, but amazingly beneficial to ones mental health and well-being.

My favorite part of roleplaying games is worldbuilding. I’ve been running games for 40 years and created my own world virtually from day 1. It’s what keeps me tethered to rpgs. A good roleplaying game affords one the tools to create and populate an infinite variety of worlds. It is the ultimate sandbox, and having your closest friends help shape it is the icing on the proverbial cake.

RPGs, and Dungeons & Dragons in particular, have been such a gift. I must have spent tens of thousands of hours dedicated to this “game”. Through it I honed the skills that have served me best in life. I was born a storyteller, but it was roleplaying games that took those natural talents and tempered and sharpened them.

What do I love about rpgs? The correct answer is everything.

RPGaDay was created by Autocratik, ie David Chapman, in, I believe, 2014 as a way to shine a spotlight of positivity on roleplaying games. It has been a tremendous success and a great way to get to know more about ourselves and all those wonderful people out there equally obsessed with this little hobby of ours.


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