Table of Contents — Unboxing Highlander: The Duel

We encourage you to check out our Highlander: The Duel Unboxing video, posted above for your viewing pleasure.

I was a huge fan of the Highlander Collectible Card Game back in the 90s and loved the narrative structure of the game and the mechanics involved. It did a fair job of simulating a theatrical/fantasy sword fight. It was a lot of fun, but, unfortunately there weren’t too many people interested in it in my neck of the woods.


This game does not appear to be nearly as engaging, but we’ll give it a spin just the same.

Honestly, we backed the game for the minis and they delivered.

Now, a brief note on the scarcity of our online presence of late. My father has been in hospice care for a month and struggling with stage four cancer since last October. It has been a real roller coaster with him and I’m thankful that I’ve been able to spend time with him, helping as much as I can.

We should have an actual play video for Highlander soon, and a very special unboxing video any day now. Stay tuned.

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