No Quarter Spotlight: Archadian Rhythm


Archadia is modeled after a Hellenic/Egyptian Kingdom archetype akin to Howard’s Stygia in many respects. It is a dying land, slowly being consumed by a desert spreading out from the City-State of Thulezset. Each City-State has a ruling Prince or Princess while the Kingdom itself is governed by a God-King.


Archadia is culturally diverse, due in large part to its slave economy. Slaves are generally well treated and actually have rights and are considered more than property — they are citizens. Even noble families sometimes sell themselves into indentured servitude as a stepping stone to greater influence.


While the backbone of Archadian culture is its slave labor, the cornerstone of the Kingdom is magic and its celebration and reliance on necromancy. Ritual is an important part of an Archadians daily routine and tremendous amounts of time and wealth are consumed by the construction of elaborate temples and complex dungeons.


While the principle characters in the No Quarter campaign will be entrenched in the kingdom of Darach-Tor, an analog for Northern European Celt/Norse/Germanic peoples, their close proximity to Archadia will introduce some fascinating and perilous dilemmas for our intrepid adventurers, in the traditional sense of archetypal roleplaying (ie dungeon delving and monster slaying) but also from a political standpoint, which I guess is the gist of the campaign — taking these players out of their comfort zone and thrust them into an arena in which the fate of kingdoms are greatly influenced by the weight of their decisions.

No Quarter has been postponed until 2019. There’s still a lot of work to be done…

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