40 Years of D&D has all led to this

Just a quick note. We’ve been playtesting No Quarter for a couple of months, slowly rolling out the rule tweaks to get everyone acclimated to this next grand adventure, but I also have been planning a nostalgia campaign that I’ll be launching late this Fall.

This is my 40th  year of playing D&D and I wanted to acknowledge that with a throwback game, something that would honor where it all began for us. The obvious choice was to tackle B1-B2 for old times sake. That is where we started, but instead I settled on the Village of Hommlet.


It’s a great “throwback” module, one that has achieved that “legendary” status among us, and revisiting it will feel a lot like coming home. My players are excited for the chance to return to one of their all-time favorites.


But what my players don’t know is that I’m using that game to transition into a delve into Waterdeep and Undermountain, all thanks to Wizards’ Stream of Many Eyes announcement this weekend.


Two adventure books are set to be released this Fall, both set in Waterdeep, taking players from level 1-20.

I have fond memories of the times we spent in the City of Splendors back in the late 80s. It feels right to explore it once more in a grand celebration of 40 years of playing this game that has been such a wonderful gift.

It has cemented lifelong friendships and sparked countless hours of creativity and wonderment.

My dice are ready. Are yours?

If you want to take part, contact us through this site. There just might be room at the table for you.

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