Gone, Never Forgotten

brentBrent would have turned 52 today. That makes the fourth birthday he didn’t get to celebrate. I still think of him every day. I suppose that is what immortality is, being remembered.

Think of the long list of your ancestors, stretching back throughout this world’s evolution. How many of them can you conjure up? How many have become lost and forgotten, their immortality vanquished by the passage of time?

We have an amazing group of friends that still, after all these years, love and care for one another. Brent was an integral cog in that machine. That machine keeps turning because even though he is no longer a part of this world, he is still a part of our lives.

That’s one of the reasons I have pushed to expand the Oak Hill RPG Club, to ensure that we live on beyond the short span that we spend here, that this organization will continue to inspire new voices and new adventures, and that it become a safe haven for those who want to dream, even long after we’re gone.

Brent was a dreamer. Every time we take a seat at the table and roll dice together, we honour his memory, we keep him alive and a part of the game.

Gone, never forgotten. He has a permanent place in Valhalla, there with Dave and John, and one day we’ll be reunited at that great gaming table in the sky and we’ll shake the pillars of heaven once more.

Happy Birthday, my friend. You are missed.

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