Visor Down. Lance Up. Charge…

We posted a new video on our youtube channel — Experience (A Response to Big 20). If you haven’t already, please like and subscribe.

We’d also like to share with you these cool tabletop t-shirt designs, available now through Amazon. Each is reasonably priced, well-made, a comfortable fit, and comes in an array of colors. Available in Mens and Womens sizes to boot.


My personal favorite (but unfortunately not available in my size, but then I am a larger than life-size man) is the Roll ‘Em If Ya Got ‘Em tee. It comes in Asphalt, Black, Brown, Olive, and Pink (which I really think is hands down the most smashingly awesome).


It’s the priciest at just under $14.99, but the other shirts are all under $14. They are Dice in Alignment (Black, Brown, Navy, Pink, and Heather Grey), Visor Down (Black, Navy, Heather Grey, Heather Blue, and Asphalt), Live By the Sword (Black, Brown, Navy, Olive, or Dark Heather), and the Dragon (Black, Brown, Navy, Asphalt, and Dark Heather).

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