Last Barrel Night

About a year ago, my players retired their 20th level characters. We’d been playing three and a half years, give or take, with them. In that time they fought a Dragon War, tussled with demons, dealt with a time traveling halfling, teleported all over the multiverse, and threw down with Orcus himself.

It was a great campaign and each and every character was memorable: Sephus Brananburh, the charismatic but impetuous nobleman’s son; Niblung Ankleshanker, a sneaky little gnome who rose to the heights of the thieves’ guild; Thaddeus Sexton, the bold and brash bard with an eye for the ladies; Sir Kwyx the King’s assassin and Captain of the Skyship Rogue; Sardonis Gentari, an elven monster hunter with a troubled soul; Salazar Redmon, an occult detective with an addiction for magical artifacts and demonic pacts; Delarius Arbeaess, the mage who sacrificed himself to save the party then returned as a ghost to serve from the hereafter; and Sir Burleigh Valeborn of the King’s Guard, noble and true, but untrusting and wise.

And there were others along the way: Dragor, Taurnil, Sir Torin, Hallon, and Artis. And Aglokra the Half-Orc and Lady Tanith. Konn, Hellebat, and the dwarf Thoradin…


This past Saturday, on St. Patrick’s Day no less, three of those characters gathered to share drinks on Last Barrel Night at the Onions & Flagons Inn. They battled a small army of goblins to shake the rust off first, of course, and then, after running into an old “friend”, the three compatriots did what retired heroes so often do — they battled an ancient white dragon and a nasty frost giant.

Needless to say, we had a blast… It was nice to see Kwyx, Sardonis, and Salazar back in action. Maybe we won’t wait so long to revisit them next time.



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