Join us for a night of Dungeons & Dragons!


Join the Oak Hill RPG Club for a night of Dungeons & Dragons (first-timers are welcome) on Saturday 2/10 from 5-9 pm!

If you have played previously with us, bring your level 1 character, or show up 30 min early to build a character.

Two weeks ago, a group of soldiers fought to survive after their unit was crushed on the edge of Blackmire Swamp. After meeting an old wisewoman, they were tasked to discover a foreboding secret in the ruins of Blackmire Castle where the enemy forces were encamped. After meeting a camp follower and healer named Shaerhon, who just happened to know a secret way into the castle, the survivors are now preparing to face the dangers ahead. And tonight, you could be one of those survivors.

All levels of gaming experience are welcome, especially beginners with no D&D experience at all.

This is an inclusive event and all game member’s behavior will be friendly and helpful. Any person being rude or disruptive will be swiftly removed from the game.

Image Credit: @Kendrawcandraw

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