Slave. Soldier. King.


I am thrilled to announce that I’ll be writing the introduction for Slave, Soldier, and King, a compendium of three Kull of Atlantis tales by Robert E. Howard. The collection is being published by Apollyon Press and Chance Phillips, with cover art by Marcio Moraga, interior art by Stefan Poag, and with additional art by John and Marie Severin.



Shared via Apollyon’s most recent Update for the project, it read:

An introduction to the anthology will be written by Bob Freeman, a pulp author, artist, and game designer who has been an obsessed fan of the writings of Robert E. Howard for more than forty years.

The collection will reprint Howard’s The Shadow Kingdom, The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune, and The Phoenix on the Sword.

Slave, Soldier, and King is available through Kickstarter in pdf format for just $3 or trade paperback for $12.

—Bob Freeman


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