Illusory Script: Treskeggmal


Just a quick word —

A bit of worldbuilding this morning. Above is the rough outline for my Treskeggmal. Originally conceived as “wind spirits”, carved faces on trees used to communicate between kingdoms, this has been softened a bit.

Yes, they still work as initially conceived, but the carved face on the trees was too akin to George RR Martin’s  Weirwoods, so when the kickstarter for Hate introduced dead tree terrain for their game, well, I saw my way clear of the connection.

I will be keeping the wind spirit staves however. It will enable me to put my connections with the Eastern Woodland Carvers Club to good use.

This is an example of taking what you have and folding it into your universe. Though, in this case, more like what I will have, once the kickstarter ships. Having an actual terrain piece to build around will be immeasurable to the verisimilitude and immersion that we look for in our campaigns.

More to come.

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