Tonight, we raise our horns and sling our dice


Three years ago today, we lost one of our own.

My Dungeons & Dragons journey began with Brent Smith in many ways.

Lifelong friends, we discovered the game together and it was at his house that I played my very first character, Thonar Wyrmfang, a first level fighter who narrowly survived his adventure into the Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl.

Others were not so lucky.

Brent was my partner in crime for more years than I care to imagine. His sudden and unexpected passing on January 27, 2015 was a staggering blow to me personally and to all of us in the Oak Hill RPG Club family.

clubiconTonight marks the first public event hosted by the Oak Hill RPG Club. It’s something we dreamed of, sharing this game that meant so much to us with our community, bringing the game to a new generation of players, and providing a safe place where we could all come together and sling dice in fellowship.

Tonight begins a new chapter in the history of the Oak Hill RPG Club and though Brent won’t be there with us in person, he most certainly will be in spirit.

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