We want YOU to play Dungeons & Dragons with us!


The Oak Hill RPG Club is hosting a Dungeons & Dragons Event on Saturday, January 27th from 5-9pm at the Eastern Woodland Carvers Club Building located at 101 S. Jefferson St. Converse IN 46919.


Dungeon Master Bob Freeman will be conducting a No Quarter Campaign One-Shot.

Players will roll up first level human fighters, assuming the roles of conscripted soldiers in the army of the Baron Alistar Stewart, Bannerman of House Hawkmoor.

The battle has not gone well. The call to retreat has been sounded. Fleeing for your lives, you make your way into Blackmire Swamp, rushing headlong toward unknown terrors, while being pursued by a force that none of you had reckoned on.

We invite YOU to join us for a Night of Adventure!

We’ll supply the dice. You bring the imagination (and snacks, always bring snacks).

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