Another brief snippet

Excitement continues to build as everything begins to align itself properly. We’re something like 28 days from launch. Seems an opportune time to offer up another brief snippet from the worldbuilding that’s been going on around our campaign setting.

I fancy the idea of a “telephone”-like network, where castles and borderland keeps and such can sort of maintain some semblance of open communication. George RR Martin did this with messenger ravens, which I quite like, and JK Rowling did the same thing with owls.

My son and I are members of the Eastern Woodland Carvers Club and that club will be hosting the Oak Hill RPG Club’s real world meetings and game sessions. They are housed in a spectacular three-story building well over a hundred years old.

I’ll be sure to share pictures at a later date, but the reason I bring it up now are these wonderful carvings we get to see on occasion. Called wood or tree spirits, they are, essentially, faces carved in wood, most often wizened, bearded men. You see them carved in sections of bark, on trees themselves, or on walking staffs and canes.


I had the idea, that in our campaign world, these thing can talk, but they do so with your voice, like a sort of telephone. These magical artifacts would have been carved in trees at important strongholds and warrens, and rarer still are those carved upon wizard staves. What a precious commodity, and a possible point of conflict or intrigue.


I call them Tréskeggmál, which is an Old Norse kenning — Tree+Beard+Speak — and see them as an homage to Tolkien’s Ents, the Treants of Dungeons & Dragons, and Martin’s Weirwoods.

But they’re also a great plot device. I am really looking forward to implementing this into next year’s campaign.

That’s all for now. More to come…

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