Appendix N

Is it January yet?

Obviously, we’re chomping at the proverbial bit for the official launch date to get here, so much so that we thought we’d offer another little sneak peek of things to come — an ongoing feature called “Appendix N”.

Of course, D&D fans all know what “Appendix N” is referencing, that glorious distillation of literary inspirations that helped shape the game as it was then, in those heady days of yesteryear known as the 1970s.

Not familiar? Then feast your eyes —


— Gary Gygax, AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide, p. 224

Well, we want to take inspiration from this list and herald these and more recent works that have helped shape the game over the course of the past 40 years. We’ll not be confining ourselves to literature either.  Film, television, video games, and music are all part of the strange brew that makes roleplaying games the wonderful expressions of creativity they are.

“Appendix N” will serve to spotlight those things that inspire us in our campaigns and hopefully you’ll join in the conversation and share some of your influences as well.

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