Illusory Script

Welcome to “Illusory Script”, or at least, the ‘session zero’ version of such. I plan to make this category tag a sort of weekly missive from my desktop to yours.

As we gear up toward our “official” launch in January, I have a lot on my mind. While we are striving to build a place for people to come together and connect through gaming, to create lasting bonds and raise our collective horns in fellowship, I don’t want to lose sight of what makes this all possible — the game itself.

no quarter

I’ve been at this thing for a long time. This Christmas will mark 39 years for me, both as a Dungeon Master and as a player. One of my favorite aspects of Dungeons & Dragons, and roleplaying games in general, is worldbuilding. It’s the same thing that drives my fiction writing.

This will be the official website for the Oak Hill RPG Club, hence the title. I will not be the lone voice on this site, but it will serve as the repository of my thoughts on gaming, spotlights on products as they cross my path, and, more importantly, a resource for a new 5th Edition D&D Campaign Setting that will be rolled out, slowly, methodically, but purposefully.

Ruse Blade

You will catch glimpses of Tolkien, Howard, Leiber, Moorcock, and Martin, among others, scattered throughout, but I hope these are just shades… ghostly remnants of influences past.

Our tagline reads “building a better reality through fantasy”… I aim to be true to that mission statement.

I have created a number of worlds over the years. I look to take the sum of all I’ve learned and breathe real life into the setting that is to come.

—Bob Freeman
Dungeon Master

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